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Saturday, 19 March 2016

How To Set A Six Figure Income With 4Corners Alliance Group Network Marketing Affiliate Program In A Little Space Of T ime

There are many mlm companies actually in the world, because they are the fastest way to set up a six figure income business in this 21st century.

Why is it so?
Well, the owners of  these companies understand that no one cant succeed alone. Everyone need someone to succeed. It is a system of reciprocity; a chain of  interdependence, an unstoppable line. And its results are very fast.
Is 4corners Alliance Group a Scam?
Many people doubt to join online companies for many reasons that the two major ones are these:
1.    Some, because they have been scammed online either by someone, or  by a fake company that they fail to verify  information about it.
2.    Some, maybe this is they are at their first time to take such a decision but want to see proof  or to secure their personal data.
The fact about 4corners Alliance Group
There are many reasons that prove that 4corners is not a scam or fake company|:
Ø 4Corners is a trusted company because it is in coordination with Master card, Visa card and some online payment merchants such as Solid trust pay ( and First Bank in Nigeria).
The question is will Master/ Visa Card connect it name to any illegal business opportunity? No!
Ø 4Corners is a registered company. 4C is subsidiary of  Corners Alliance Group LLP, a legit company registered in Las Vegas, USA and Authorities recognizes its existence. This prove the fonder’s will to run a legit business. The Four Corners Alliance Group address is:
      Corners Alliance Group LLC
      5550 Painted Mirage Rd
      Las Vegas, NV 89149 U.S.A
What does 4Corners do?
4Corners is a dealer of Financial Literacy Books. Its books are not physical books but virtual books called eBooks. These books are only readable on Computers, Ipads and eBook support  Phones.
These books teach on how to :
·       Manage your Personal Finances
·       Invest Intelligently
·       Invest in Real Estate
·       Plan Retirement
·       Buy Gold and Silver
·       And much more...
The books are in a total number of six:
1)   The Essentials
2)   The Intelligent Investor
3)   Dealing With Credit Card Debt
4)   The Law of Attraction
5)   Investment Principles, Time Value of Money, Real Estate Investment Trust, Investing for Impact
6)   The Stock Exchange ...Advanced

Why i joined 4Corners network Marketing Business?
Since 2010, i am in the internet money making business. I do affiliate marketing, i sell info products and  i do survey also and i make money. But what excites me most to join this 4Corners Business is its fast result. And more over you can make a huge amount of money in little space of time. What is not possible with any other business.

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14 important reasons why one should join 4Corners

When joining any network marketing company, one must look for some qualities and legibility of  the company he/she is willing to join, or the advantages that the business offers. For this reason, i find out 14 solid reasons that can push anyone to be a 4Corners member. Here the reasons:
·       It is cheap: to join 4Corners does not require any high registration fee. One need only $18 one time investment fee( no any other payment from your pocket throughout your membership time)
·       Trusted company
·       Registered company( the second and third reasons have been explained already above)
·       Worldwide opportunity: 4C company is available to anyone at anywhere across the glob. You can be 4C member no matter where you are in the world.
·       It works on matrix of six system: the company only require from you to bring only 4 people into the business and each of them enrolls their 4 people and this continues until level 6. You are free to enroll more than 4 people. It is for your own benefit.
·       Residual incomes: it is a monthly income that every member receives depending on his/her level and number of members enrolled.
·       Income bonuses: you get paid an amount of $4-$120 for each person you register depending on the level at which they come in.
·       Five income streams: 4C provide Five amazing ways of making money to any of  its member. Continue reading to have more explanation on this point
·       Weekly payment: one can request for payment every week if he/she still has balance on his/her account.
·       No auto-ship: some mlm companies have what they call auto-ship. These companies force their members to choose a product among the products they promote that will be shipped to them every month and they pay for it whether they make money or not with the company.
·       No sell of products: most Network Marketing companies promote their products through their members. So, if a member want to earn more money, they have to be selling the company’s products in order to have commission. What is at  will with 4Corners, even not advised. Because when you advise someone to buy the product through the company, you are giving him or her the opportunity to start his/her own second way of income.
·       Profitable products: financial management is what everyone wants to learn to make a wise financial investment or decision. So this is a great opportunity that anyone can grab.
·       Solid business plan: at 4Corners, the end of the level six is the beginning of a system.
·       Support from the company: to everyone that join 4c, the company gives a free membership website, a backoffice where the member can be managing his/her account and earning. Moreover they give some training on how to get your first 4 people in one week.
How 4Corners works?
Like i previously said it, 4Corners works on matrix of six system.
It cost small one time fee of $18 to join the company to benefit from the opportunity. That is $8 as registration fee and $10 as your first product purchase. There is a series of six product books total at the time of writing.
You are only going to spend $10 once for the first product included  in the $18 initial paid. Yes one time and you will never ever pay anything again from your own pockets for the remaining five.
The six products also represent the six level of the pay plan with a potential to make you a six figure income for  each person you introduce to the company. And that’s just from the first income stream alone.
There is a total of 5 income streams, two of which are monthly residuals(month after months).
You have a chance to make at least $560,000 for each person that fall on your down-line whether you recruited them or not.
The company recommends you introduce at least four people to the income opportunity to start their Four Corners business who signs up and buys financial literary books #1 eBook  product. When each of these four people do the same and everyone beneath them does the same down to the level six, that’s how you earn $560,000 per person. (that’s just one income stream alone. You do the maths)

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 Here are the 5 amazing ways you make money and get paid from the 4Corners Business
#1-    Instant one Time Commission. You get paid $4-$120 for each person enrolled depending on the level at which they come in.

#2-    100% Sponsor’s Matching Commissions. The people you sign through your special link are called your personal and the company will pay 100% matching bonus on every $$$ your personals earn. If you enroll 20 personals and they each make $300 per month, the company pays you 100% match of the exact amount they make. Your 100% check income becomes $300 x 20 people. That’s an income of $6,000/month.

#3-    100% Sponsor’s Matching Commissions. If you have, say 4 personals and they earn, for example $16 on their level 1, you earn a matching bonus of $64 from the 4. And if these 4 personal grow their teams with only 4 and fill their  matrix, then you will have an extra$2.2 million.

 #4-    Monthly Commissions (month after months).

#5-    Income from your Retail Store. You have the right to sell the books if you wish.

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How to withdraw your commissions

There are 4 different ways to withdraw your commissions
1.    DPX International Visa Debit Card. Card will be sent to you and then you withdraw using any ATM machine.
2.    Bank Wired
3.    Via Solid Trust Pay account. It is an online payment marchand. You can create an account for free by visiting
4.    Pay To Card. It gives 4 Corners a way to pay you, to your credit or debit card that you already have. This saves you time and hassles of uploading documentation and wait for card delivery from the U.S.A.
Here is the short video that explain how 4Corners Business works

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Here is the short video that resume what is explained above.

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